Add Youtube or Vimeo videos anywhere inside posts, pages or widgets

Welcome! …videos for this page are ‘In-Development’

This page display’s the Video Shortcodes used by HOPE Foundation. Youtube or Vimeo videos can be inserted anywhere inside posts, pages or widgets.
The Youtube and Vimeo both accept the same following parameters:

  • id (supply a video id)
  • width
  • height
  • responsive (set to 1 to make the video responsive)

YouTube (Fixed width)

(youtubeVideo id=”TxbmjDngois” width=”400″ height=”350″)(/youtubeVideo)

YouTube (Responsive)

(youtubeVideo id=”TxbmjDngois” height=”350″ responsive=”1″)(/youtubeVideo)

Vimeo (Fixed width)

(vimeoVideo id=”72625185″ width=”400″ height=”350″)(/vimeoVideo)

Vimeo (Responsive)

(vimeoVideo id=”72625185″ height=”350″ responsive=”1″)(/vimeoVideo)