We work with partners and communities to support local people in poverty and hardship.

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A community and business initiative of the Hope Foundation. We connect people and promote local business - to support families & the elderly.

Help The Homeless

Affordable housing, unemployment and poverty are touted as the main cause of homelessness.
We offer Shelter and Food, for those in need.

F.A.T. Water

Filtered And Treated drinking Water & waste water.
A project about quality, availability and management.
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F.A.S.T. Support

Children and the Elderly are our most vulnerable in society and at times need Immediate Support, so we launched the Fast Action Safety Tag (F.A.S.T.)


Friends United Network (F.U.N.) is a group of caring companies and locals, providing food, personal hygiene packs & blankets via our Care Bag Distribution program.

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Wellness Online Network

Making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life is essential, when creating your roadmap to happiness. Our online education for all ages is Free ...You WON!

To Provide Shelter, Blankets, Food and Clean Water

Research shows that the top causes of homelessness among families is the lack of affordable housing, unemployment, poverty and low wages.
HOPE offers Shelter, Blankets, Food and Water as our response
. . . to helplessness

One Dollar Can Help Change . . . Someone's LIFE!


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Education / Resources

Water Purifier in Bottle

Filtered Water

Food & Shelter

Family Support

Gifts of Clothing

Blankets & Clothing

Health & Wellbeing

Partnership Sponsors with HOPE help Locals in need...

Become a Certified Sponsor with HOPE Foundation and join our Friends United Network (F.U.N.) as a caring company and supportive local - providing food, personal hygiene packs and blankets, through our 'Care Bag Distribution' program for the poor & needy in local communities across Australia.

Your Contributions support – Your local region

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